Divine Mother

First force of all creation. To you I bow.

Divine force, everywhere. To you I bow.

Creative force. Primal force. To you I bow.

Rising up Divine Mother. To you I bow.

Discovering I was pregnant was quite the surprise. Oh the mystery and magic of this life. My whole experience of being alive is changing.

It’s amazing and miraculous. However, before it was amazing and miraculous, I was  focused on all the discomfort of my body’s transformation. One day I heard myself. I realized how much I was complaining, how much I was focusing on the discomfort instead of the miracle. By complaining how was I showing gratitude for this most exquisite experience?

In that moment, I chose to fill my heart with devotion. I chose to embrace the transformation. I chose reverence.

Being pregnant is an honour and divine responsibility. With all responsibility comes power. I am feeling this new power rising up.

Divine Mother, rising up.

Pregnancy means transforming from maiden to The Divine Mother. It’s starting to feel like the power to absorb everything. Just as mother nature absorbs everything and transmutes it into life, so does the Divine Mother.

I am being shown that being the Divine Mother means having  the power to absorb and make life out of everything that child will bring to me. Laughter, tears, fear, joy, success, failure, change, growth, adulthood, rebirths, little deaths, his or her unique humanesss.

As this baby is quickening, so am I.

I suddenly understand what receptivity truly means and the strength it requires. The responsibility of mothers to be available, open hearted without judgment or expectation to the humans we are bringing into existence. To be receptive means to receive them just as they are and to continue to receive them just as they are our whole lives. We do not shape them, we allow them to be.

This tremendous strength and vulnerability that is required to allow them to  grow into exactly what they are supposed to be is available inside each one of us. It’s the Primal Force.

We are the conscious mothers. The Divine Mothers. We have open arms, we are always available, we are allowing, we are present.

Until it’s time to let go, then we do the work that is required to find more strength and receptivity do so with grace and humility. As Divine Mothers we continue to allow them to be the humans they were sent to us to be.


Published by Tamara Tiana

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