Magnificent Mul Mantra


I have been deeply enchanted by practicing this mantra. It is my current 40 day meditation. So far it has been easy to maintain and easy to sing for 31 minutes. Very quickly it takes me to a deep stillness within. I sit bowing before this inner temple, mesmerized by the experience of the Universal Soul.

My current workshop is focused on creating a daily spiritual practice at home and we are learning this Mantra together as part of a spiritual foundation. It’s humbling and inspiring to listen to women share their experiences with their personal daily spiritual practices and this mantra.

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The Mul Mantra is truly magnificent! Don’t take my word for it. Practice it yourself and see what it does to you. Three minutes a day is the perfect place to start!


Why 31 minutes?

31 minutes of meditation allows the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the 3 gunas, all 31 tattvas, and all layers of the mind’s projections.

GUNAS: The three conditions of matter: sattva – pure essence, rajas – active, creative or initiating energy, and tamas – decay or inertia.

TATTVAS: There are five main elements or tattvas: earth, water, fire, air and ether.


The Ballad of Enlightenment

This mantra captures a complete philosophy and psychology of human potential . That philosophy is the essence of Kundalini Yoga. It states that in the dimension of awareness, there is an existing perfections, and in the dimension of consciousness, a possible evolution.

It captures the fullness of Guru Nanak’s vision of the human being in the Cosmos.

This mantra is a compass that points towards the Cosmos, Buddha Consciousness, The Source.It rents you like a compass in the direction of your Divine Path.

This is the highest of all mantras. To repeat it, to use it in meditation, to go into the depth of it, is to be entranced by the depth of the soul.

In Yogic Philosophy, life’s goal is to remain in perfect flow and contact with your sense of Divinity, to live in the known and unknown will of the Divine. It is said that we only sin when we forget our  True Identity; when we forget our essent, our being, and our vibration the reality of the Divine in our soul.

When we recognize the exalted state of awakening described in the Mul Mantra, we act in alignment with the pattern of Universal Truth. We live with the kundalini risen, with awareness and the guide, and we act not from ego, but from the deep currents of the soul and life.

We are awakened in intuition, intelligence and instinct.


The universe is one without division. One creator is in every action and thing. We are connected with all things. We are a creative consciousness.


Truth is our identity. We are vibrating our existence.


We are creative beings. We exist to do everything the Divine dictates. This is a direct order coming from the essence of our very nature. There is a simplicity to then beauty of actions done within the will of our highest consciousness.


Living in our True Identity, we are fearless and revengeless.


We are to live as God has made us. We are the very image, the personification of God. We are Infinite and we exist in the sovereignty of our own unique identity because we have come here already pre-destined. Aka Moort is our pattern which exists beyond death. Ajoonee implies that this is so by grace, that we are not caught purely in the cycle of birth and death. We have been sent, and we come freely. Saibhung: we are sovereign, autonomous, yet we act with the integrity of our totality.


How can we experience this understanding? Bur Prasad is the blessing, the grace, the transforming touch the Guru, the teachings embodied. Grace along completes our full merger with the Infinite. This experience is the gift from the Guru.

When your merger is complete with guruprasad, what is the natural desire of your soul? To meditate…


To repeat and vibrate consciously, Chant out loud. Penetrate. Focus. What do we meditate on? The kundalini mantra, a Mangala Charan, the connection in the election unto the Divine:


(The Mangala Charan Mantra)

Meditate on that which was true in the primal beginning, is true through every activity and age, is true at this instant now and will be true Forever.

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