New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Leo



New Moon: This is the dark side of the moon, where fertility, fecundity, transmutation and the divine feminine are big themes. It is the perfect time for setting new goals, starting projects or plans, starting a new habit or way of thinking/being/eating etc. It’s the time for planting seeds.

Eclipses: Signify times of quick and powerful openings and closing / endings and beginnings. There is a shift in light or a shift in the way we experience an aspect our ourselves or our life.


This lunar cycle (from today’s new moon to the next new moon) starts with a total solar eclipse in Leo.

During this lunar cycle 3 planets are creating important energy that cannot be ignored:




The new moon and solar eclipse are conjunct Mars. Mars is a planet whose energy is about war, conflict, battle, protection, courage, action and heat.

The new moon / solar eclipse are trine Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is stabilizing, likes structure and tradition and can be quite the task master. Uranus likes upheaval, breakthroughs and chaos.

So, we have Saturn wanting to create structures, Uranus wanting to shatter structures that exist and Mars wanting to heat everything up!

It’s conflicting and intense. All the while, Mercury is retrograde (which really isn’t THAT big of deal, it will happen 4 times in 2017). Mercury is the planet of communication. When it’s retrograde, issues around how we communicate, make agreements and use our words may come up.

A total eclipse is a powerhouse! Eclipses happen in little bursts every six months, but total eclipses are very rare, very important, and very powerful energetically. When the light of consciousness (the sun) is eclipsed, we GET to see our unconscious motives. This of this as a tremendous gift!! The shadow aspects that habitually get ignored, that are buried deep within the psyche, come to the surface and we have this opportunity to bring them into consciousness so they can be dismantled and healed.

This is difficult, confronting and jarring, but it is SO. INCREDIBLY. IMPORTANT.


What is operating in the sub-conscious without your knowledge?

What does that which goes unseen ROB you of?

This is a time of intensification of life’s events. We are challenged OR put into positions to WITNESS what we need to heal. We are put into positions where we can witness what we need to heal in order to STEP UP and meet life.

We want to do this work so that we can bring consciousness, kindness, light and love to where we need it most.


Whatever is being revealed during this eclipse, the deep shadow stuff of the psyche, is being revealed so we know where to bring lightness.

This is a time ripe with rapid growth, change and opportunities for healing.

Eclipses cast a shadow, revealing personal shadow as well as the collective shadow. A total eclipse goes deeper. It reveals the stuff we’ve not seen yet. It’s deep shame, guilt, discomfort, grief, loathing, and it’s stuff we’ve not seen before. Maybe little glimpses, but even if you do a lot of personal healing work, this is the stuff that STILL stays beneath the surface. So, thank goodness for this total eclipse bringing it forward to consciousness, right?

All the while there is this Mars and Mercury energy heating things up. Again, Mars is the warrior energy, war, action, and heat. Mercury is about communication. It’s going to be important for all of us to watch our words and how we are communicating and receiving communication. It’s going to be especially important around our anger, disappointment, and upset. Mars will reveal to us how we go to battle for what needs protecting. The lesson is to learn how to battle in ways that don’t burn us out. How to battle in ways that promote justice and creates equality. A serious opportunity to be more careful, thoughtful and conscious around our communication when it comes to to conflict and upset.

Saturn is also involved in the energy of this lunar cycle. It’s going to show us how we have structured things in our life.

How have you structured your thoughts, emotions, belief systems, family, expectations, coping mechanisms, control, career, self care, self talk. Saturn will confront us, asking:

How are you structured?

How is that working out for you?

How lucky we are to be in this time of incredible breakthroughs!


Now is the time to witness how you stand in your own way.

How can you break through that?

How can you bring in new energy?

We NEED to understand what doesn’t work so we can make these life changing breakthroughs and move in the direction of what feels LIFE AFFIRMING. It’s time to drop our attachments to our ways of being so we can create FREEDOM.

The job ahead is to do the work. If you are honestly, mindfully, kindly doing this deep work, you will manage to get through this lunar cycle with grace. Remember, we are dealing with that which usually stays hidden. This total eclipse is bringing forth the stuff we keep deep. Through this work we want to stay kind, conscious and in a place of lightness.

Whatever doesn’t get worked on will come up again with more and more intensity. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing this internal work.

This lunar phase is seriously RAMPED UP, so it will also important to find ways to stay COOL and GROUNDED. Go slow. Take it easy. Stay present. Stay mindful. Listen to your self talk. Listen to how to talk to others. Watch your reactions. Love yourself very tenderly.


Where is the eclipse occurring in your natal chart? You can find out what area of your life is most impacted by the total eclipse. This eclipse will speed up and increase the challenges/lessons available to you in that part of your natal chart. This energy will continue to be very important to you until 2019.

A deeper look at your natal chart is available for $40. This will include a summary of the following:

– Where Leo and this total eclipse sits in your natal chart. Remember, this is going to be an important are of your life until 2019.  At the moment, Leo contains the new moon, the eclipse, Mars and the north node. There is an incredible ramping up of energy in this area of your chart. It’s good to know what area of your life this energy affects (home, family, relationships, career, enjoyment, health, death, religion, friends, sorrow to name a few) and to watch for the healing opportunities available. Leo energy is about leadership. This information can help you become the total authority and leader of your own life in this part of your chart.

– Where Saturn is in your natal chart, showing you how you’ve structured that area of your life. Saturn will stay in this part of your chart until December, you have until then to see whether what you’ve set up is working and if it’s not to dismantle it and do the work to find new ways of structuring yourself in this area of your life. It’s good to take advantage of what’s happening in this part of your chart before Saturn makes its move!

– Whether there are any planets sitting at or close to 28 degrees Leo (the exact location of the eclipse). This will be very significant for you.


– Specific dates from this new moon to the next new moon where the planets make impactful shifts. This provides more information on when Mars is most intense, when and where in your chart Mercury stations direct (and what the heck THAT means), when the energies are cooler and more supportive, when to let loose and have fun and when to hunker down and commit to the deep work, when to have or avoid important conversations – basically what energies to expect and when.

Sound interesting? Oh, I promise you that it is!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your healing journey and learn more about your chart and how this eclipse impacts you, email me! Payment is easy, I accept e-transfers, cash or cheque.

Sat Nam sweet ones. xo



*This content inspired and adapted from the amazing Chani Nicholas

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