Happiness & Gratitude

1431193870158Are happy people grateful… or are grateful people happy?
Happiness is a state of well being that results from living a good life. A good life is a life with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.
Happiness is a choice.
Part of our conditioning is that we each create habits of protection. We know those habits only give the illusion of protection, what they really do is separate us from ourselves and our true identity. They increase our distress rather than protect us.
Sixty percent of the time we are reacting and acting from those habits and it’s unconscious. Tools like meditation, mantra and yoga help to clear the sub-conscious mind so we can live with more clarity.
Clarity brings awareness. Awareness can be painful, but awareness provides us with a choice. If we are unconscious around our habits, we are prisoners to them. If we have the grit to look at them and dissect them we can bring light and love to where it was dark. We are our own gurus.
This whole process is messy and glorious. It creates the sacred state of consciousness. When we wake up and become conscious we become Truly Human. We become humans who have the courage to choose gratitude, humans who have the courage choose love, humans who have the courage to choose happiness.
The choice we have is to start replacing self destructive habits with life affirming habits.
This week, let’s try practicing gratitude!
A simple gratitude practice:
STOP – Be still and quiet. When we rush, we miss opportunities for enjoyment.
OPEN – Open yourself up to your senses. What is the present moment is offering you?
ACT – Most moments are opportunities for enjoyment. Does the smell of your morning coffee delight your sense of smell? Does the sound of your dishwasher make you feel grateful for modern amenities and running water? Does the feeling of the late summer breeze on your skin remind you of the beauty and magic of nature?
What happens for you when you bring this simple practice into your daily routine?
Notice when this is easy to do, and when this is difficult to do.
Notice whatever there is for you to notice. Make notes, journal, track your growth and
Sat Nam Beauties,
Tamara – Bachandeep
Gratitude practice adapted from this awesome Ted Talk.

Published by Tamara Tiana

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