A Vibrant New Life


This is a beautiful time of year and I find inspiration coming at me from all angles. For the first time since I can remember I am feeling crystal clear. There is a light and knowing my heart pointing me in the right direction. I believe that light and knowing is in each of our hearts, but distractions and addictions keep us from accessing it.

I am full to the brim with appreciation for being able to learn about food, the human diet, and most of all my personal distractions and addictions with food and coffee. Doing this deep and difficult work around food is the reason I am finally pointed in the right direction.

If you are feeling like it’s time for a shift, you’ve tried it all and nothing sticks, this program will change you forever. My coach keeps saying, “You can’t unlearn this stuff”. Even if tomorrow I binge on donuts, I will not unlearn what I know. In fact, instead of collapsing on myself in shame and guilt, I now know how to rise above those sneaky devils and see what there was to learn about myself, my emotions, my wounds in the moment I decided to stuff myself with fried, sugary batter. Now you want a donut, don’t you? Sorry about that.

My work is not done, nor will it ever be. That’s not the point. There isn’t an end to our personal work or self study. We are humans and we are here to learn lessons. These lessons are multi layered. You start feeling like you’ve mastered some area of your life, and a new opportunity for growth presents itself.

Isn’t it great?

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