Are you listening?


Tamara Tiana ForgivenessSpirit speaks to you in ways that only you can understand.

Are you listening?

Spirit speaks to me through the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, in the whisperings of the ancient forest and through cards.

For years I have been drawing cards. For years spirit has been gently guiding me.

This morning after my meditation I drew 4 cards. One was of significant value and the message resonated profoundly. It struck a chord deep in my heart.

This card is from Angelic Messenger Cards by Meredith L. Young-Sowers. A deck I found in a used book store years and years ago.

I feel deeply drawn to share its message. It is a message for each and every one of us. It is work we all must dedicate our hearts to on a daily basis – minute by minute.

tamara tiana forgiveness


You have drawn this card because immense beauty and opportunity live beneath your old emotional scars. You have reached a point in your life when you are being directed to free up the energy you’ve tied to old feelings and failures.

Forgiveness is the basis for spiritual work.

Forgiveness is the basis for spiritual work because it asserts that you can truly know and appreciate only your own life’s journey and perspective. Forgiveness comes through turning your attention inward and using the spiritual energy of love to asses your own relationships.

Angelic Message

Forgiveness is a spiritual initiative rather than one grounded in the emotions or the intellect. It is difficult to forgive others completely without reserving that small corner of your heart that asserts you were right and they were wrong. That is because you may be seeking to forgive others by using a rational explanation for the reason you should forgive.

Truly releasing lingering remorse, guilt, or anger through reasoning is impossible. 

But, once you realize that your failure to forgive hinders the flow of love into your life and the circulation of its essential energy throughout your body and mind, you are capable of forgiving others from a place deep within you.

Love is the nature of the spiritual energy that guides your life and quite literally accounts for the inner balance that maintains physical health and emotional well-being. Forgiving others allows you to release the energy of love into your daily living.

The love you need in your lift help you meet challenges and to maintain your own inner light may still be tied to old, unresolved hurts. 

Any apathy you are experiencing, any confusion, lack of direction, exhaustion, or sense of being overwhelmed, may well stem from captive energy held in the small corners of your heart.

Love is the emotional and spiritual energy that ties you to those who have hurt you. The issues that seem to defy forgiveness are always aligned in some way with love: the love you never received, the love that you offered and others rejected or betrayed, the love that was used to manipulate or control you.

Love is the basis of your life’s well-being, but in tying your spiritual energy reserved to old hurts you are severely limiting the energy of love available to you in the present moment.

Perhaps it is time to search your heart for those you still need to forgive more fully, including yourself.

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