Meditation Mentorship

Tamara’s Approach

Your mind is with you all the time. It is meant to act as a tool that works to create a life of joy! The problem we face is that the mind is in hyperdrive – constantly comparing, processing and analyzing.

Using meditation, emotional excavating and solution focused dialogue, our goal is to learn how the mind functions, be able to observe its functions and then harness its power to act in ways that align with your soul and create inner peace.

The process of meditation requires kindness and tenderness. As you progress on your daily journey you will be supported through all the stages of meditation, the emotions that arise and how to understand them.

With Tamara’s expertise, support and tenderness, you will learn to feel and welcome whatever arises in your practice. The goal of meditation is to experience your own soul, and the things (the shadowy realm of the psyche) that stand in the way of that can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

Having support on your journey into the soul quickens your transformation. Together we will discover and tend to what lies beneath the surface to reveal your diamond self.

What You Receive

  • DAILY PRACTICE: based on our discovery call, we will get crystal clear on your biggest goals and create a custom daily meditation practice that gets right to the heart of your healing.
  • PRIVATE SESSIONS: Weekly private 60 minute sessions to debrief your experiences, get support and encouragement, receive teachings on meditation and the mind and keep you accountable.
  • EMOTIONS: Most of us were not taught that our emotions are ok, even good. The secret to your personal transformation is in allowing yourself to feel, identify and work with all of your emotions without judging them. At the core of our work together is a knowledge that all emotions are good, even if they feel bad. Learn to decipher what each emotion is asking of you and how to do it so you can return to peace.
  • STAGES OF MEDITATION: Throughout our 90 days together you will move through the different stages of meditation. Learn what they are, what to expect and how to keep up through the thickest bouts of resistance.


This is a 90 day transformational journey using meditation, mindfulness, the wisdom of your emotions and spiritual coaching from meditation and women’s wellness expert, Tamara.

Your investment for 90 days to Joyful Wellbeing is only: $525

You’re feeling read to commit – now what?

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“Working with Tamara is better than therapy.”


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