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Tamara trains with Nam Hari, master of Akashic Numerology. This mystic science is a technology based on your birth date, numbers and the patterns they create.

Your numerology reading will reveal your soul’s talents and mission here on earth.

Akashic Numerology is incredibly accurate and in depth. Each reading takes 75 minutes and includes time for questions and deeper insight.

Be prepared to receive:

  • insight into how to live your life’s purpose,
  • what your growth edges are and how to work with them,
  • past life knowledge and the karma (good and not so good) you bring with you,
  • how to break through what is keeping you small,
  • what life cycle you’re currently in and how to use that knowledge to it’s best potential,
  • yoga and meditation support to make the most of your assets and keep you in balance.


Upon receipt of funds you will be contacted via email to provide your date of birth and to schedule a 75 minute reading. Thank you dear one!


“Amazingly accurate! Tamara is so heartfelt and intuitive. I gained a rich insight into myself and my marriage.”

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