Childbirth Mentorship that combines Birthing From Within + yogic tools and wisdom.

In your 1:1 sessions, expect to learn about childbirth, postpartum and parenthood in a holistic way, which includes:

  • the physiology of childbirth,
  • creating a birth plan,
  • understanding and working with your fears,
  • finding your voice,
  • identifying limiting beliefs to uncover more options for childbirth,
  • fostering psychological resilience and flexibility,
  • understanding your strengths and needs for childbirth and afterwards,
  • feeling a deeper connection with your baby and partner,
  • trusting yourself through childbirth and the transition into parenthood,
  • developing pain coping and mindfulness tools for childbirth and afterwards,
  • embracing uncertainty, the unknown and loss of control,
  • building confidence in your ability to move through any challenge.

This holistic approach to childbirth may create more ease in childbirth and prevent some of the emotional and physical suffering some people experience postpartum.

Working with me is for you if you are wanting to birth in conscious awareness and find ways for your birth to be an empowering experience, no matter the outcome.

Sound like what you’re looking for?


Six 1:1 one hour sessions over Zoom curated specifically to your desires and needs.



About payment: If you want to work with me and are unable to pay the full amount, please email me to discuss payment plans or sliding scale pricing for your session(s). Email me ( to discuss your rate.

Otherwise, choose schedule your first session today!

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