Childbirth Education

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In Depth Preparation For Your Childbearing Year

ONE SESSION: 90 minutes of childbirth yoga + preparation.

THREE SESSIONS: 5 hours of childbirth yoga + preparation.

SIX SESSIONS: 10 hours of childbirth yoga + preparation.

Each session includes: prenatal yoga + childbirth education specific to your unique path and interests.

Investment: $ 120 – $ 650

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+ Pain coping tools and practices,
+ How your body births,
+ Hormones in childbirth + postpartum,
+ Excavating fear,
+ Pregnancy, birth and postpartum as spiritually significant,
+ Informed consent,
+ Creating and communicating your birth plan,
+ What coping well in birth looks like,
+ For your partner – how to support you,
+ The intelligence of your body,
+ Surrendering to sensation and outcome,
+ Trusting yourself,
+ Meditations for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum,
+ Integrating your childbirth experience,
+ Postpartum preparation + expectations,
+ Boundaries.

*** Due to the nature of the content, in addition to the above, we will also cover whatever specific topics arise through our time together. ***

The way we encounter and experience the childbearing year sets a foundation of wellness for the rest of our lives. Pregnancy provides a precious opportunity to truly create self trust and into your power. Imagine yourself empowered and deeply connected to yourself, your body and your baby, able to trust yourself to make decisions, cope when it’s difficult and really know when it’s time to say NO and when it’s time to say YES.

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Are you one of the ones who will enter the threshold of the childbearing year in consciousness, love and surrendered power?

This is the work that changes the world, one birth at a time.

Join me in reclaiming the power and magic of the childbearing year. Are you ready to say YES?

♡ Tamara

Here’s What You Get:

Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions focused on childbirth education + preparation.

Worksheets + PDF’s.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation.

Confidence in your ability to birth your baby!

▼ How to Begin ▼

Email me to schedule a free discovery call and to create a flexible class plan that fits your needs and schedule.

▼ About me ▼

Tamara is a Birthing From Within Trained mentor + doula, is training to be an infant and family sleep specialist, and has over 1000 hours of yoga training. Working with Tamara is a unique experience that combines yogic wisdom with practical knowledge.

Join me in revolutionizing the way we create, birth and relate to ourselves, our bodies and our guru babies.

In love and light.


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