Choosing a Doula is an important task.

This is the support person who will guide you through the most mysterious, uncertain and transformational year of your life. This is the person who’s presence and voice will anchor you and remind you to trust yourself through your pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

Being prepared for childbirth matters. I provide mentorship and tools that foster self trust and prepare you for the birth of your baby and the re-birth of yourself as parent or mother.

Being prepared for postpartum matters. The way babies and parents are born and cared for has a life long impact on mental and physical health. You have a chance to build a foundation of wellness for you and your baby that impacts the rest of your lives.

Schedule a free discovery call to see if I’m the right person to guide you on your unique path of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum integration and parenthood.

-xo Tamara

Why hire a doula?

A doula is a pregnancy, birth and postpartum support person. A doula is someone who is experienced in providing continuous care (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) before, during and after childbirth. They trust birth, they hold space and they support you to trust yourself to make decisions along the way.

Research has found that doula support can:

– reduce stress,
– reduce anxiety,
– reduce perception of pain,
– reduce birth interventions,
– increase breastfeeding initiation,
– improve outcomes for birthing person and baby, and
– greatly reduce experiences of birth trauma.

In addition, a doula takes the pressure off of your partner, midwife or the support staff at the hospital to provide much needed continuous support centred on the individual woman/birthing person and their family.

Inner Wisdom Doula Package


You will receive four 60 – 90 minute prenatal sessions where we prepare for childbirth and postpartum using Birthing From Within processes, yoga and meditation.


You will receive continuous emotional and physical support during your labour. This can look however you need it to and includes practical preparation, care and cleanup.


One postpartum visit at your discretion and desire to process your birth experience, to help with nursing, clean up, and care. Everything from very practical to emotional and spiritual support.

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  • 4 prenatal appointments
  • on call 2 weeks before and after estimated due date
  • research + education
  • continuous labour support
  • postpartum in home visit

2023 FEE $1350

Payment Plan Available


October 2023 onward

Schedule A Free Discovery Call

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me have the birth I wanted. It was an amazing experience and I am so proud of myself for having gone through with my desire to do things naturally. Your voice was my anchor through the whole process and helped me deal with each contraction calmly. Your encouragement throughout and especially as things got tough was so meaningful to me. We were a great team!”

client testimonial, 2022

“Tamara is a very skilled doula. She built up our confidence, helping to dissolve my fears and leading me to have the birth I wanted. Tamara did whatever needed to be done; she tapped into yoga, breath work and massage to help me in the delivery room, she took a big stress off my partner, and I felt protected by her at such a vulnerable time. Tamara’s knowledge on setting boundaries, finding your rhythm and  ritual, nutrition, breath work, mantra and the birth process was priceless for us. If you are looking for someone kind, professional, and spiritual, with an essential oil for everything, she’s your girl! I love how she cared for me, and the moments we shared at my house postpartum. It was a blessing to have her as our doula. “

client testimonial, 2020

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