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Open up to a new level of healing.

Experience improved womb health. We will co-create a personalized practice that attends to your womb cycles and supports your experience of menstruation. This work will nourish and empower you and may lead to optimal fertility health.

Many common and painful symptoms associated with menstruation, fertility issues and feelings of disempowerment and emptiness can be remedied by specific yoga and spiritual practices that improve awareness of and honour your womb’s cycles.


Cycle Awareness

Become an expert on your cycle. Find inner balance and learn to attend to your own needs. Enjoy the unique powers available at every point in your cycle.

Optimal Fertility

Many women have experienced improved fertility and better overall womb health by adopting womb practices. Make peace with your body and your womb.

Inner Harmony

Practices and self care that are life giving. Know how to tend to yourself at different points of your cycle to prevent burnout, fatigue, depression, bitterness and anxiety.

Inner Wisdom

Menstrual Cycle Awareness and greeting the womb with love are the most powerful spiritual practices for women. Reap the benefits of deepening inner wisdom + empowerment.

do you experience:

Painful Periods

Many women find their period pain lessens or disappears altogether when they practice womb meditations, womb friendly yoga and cycle awareness.


Many women experience improved fertility upon fostering a deep respect for their menstrual life and womb cycles.

Erratic Periods

Many women are able to regulate their cycle with guided yoni egg meditations, and by responding to their body’s needs at specific times of their cycle.


Doing everything all the time? Learning to cater your life to your body’s cyclical needs means having enough energy to sustain you through your whole cycle.

Who is this for?

This 1:1 work is for you if you are a woman or identify as having a womb space. This is for the womb carrier in any cycle of their life, menstruation to menopause. This is for the woman longing for something more, deeper fulfillment or deeper meaning in her life. In addition to all the physical and emotional benefits of the practices, many womb carriers find these practices offer insight into their life’s calling.

Imagine you had access to important information about your destiny each month. Imagine you were able to have visionary and enlightening experiences that revealed a deeper meaning and truth in your life. Imagine yourself crystal clear on your life’s purpose.

This is only a fraction of the self-love and empowerment available through conscious menstruality and womb-activating movement and meditations. It’s time to greet your womb with love.


You get a 3 one hour 1:1 sessions with Tamara.
Support and accountability for a 40 day home practice.

Fee: $300

Payment plans available


+ A comprehensive introduction to practicing cycle awareness.

+ PDF or printouts to start tracking your cycle.

+ A personalized yoga and meditation practice to awaken the voice of your womb.

+ 40 days of accountability via text or email check ins.

+ A recorded Yoga Nidra specific to your needs + desires.

+ Help with setting boundaries and asking for your needs to be met.

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