New Moon Women’s Coven

Ritual, Sisterhood + Remembering Who You Truly Are

What is Six Moons?

A group of women, womb carriers who are on a spiritual path and are seeking community, connection and a deeper experience of their feminine mystic nature.

The coven will consist of a closed group of 13 women who gather under the dark moon for six cycles. As your guide I will offer teachings, nurturing space and tools for divination, understanding the power of your menstrual cycle, and honouring this important phase of the moon where we must go quietly inward into our own magic and medicine.

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What’s Included?

Cycle Awareness

Equipped with your very own cycle tracking worksheet and mini cycle booklet you will be amazed by new levels of self understanding, self love and self care that is available through menstrual and moon cycle awareness.


The new moon is the part of the lunar cycle where we are pulled inward towards our unique mystical abilities. One way to tap into your intuition and harness it’s wisdom is through divination. Become a master of oracle cards, body awareness and crystal magic.

Sacred Ritual

All menstrual cycle teachers agree, if there is one thing you can do for yourself that has the most impact is to take 1% more time for yourself to rest and go inward. Creating a sacred space for ritual inner awareness is the main benefit of Six Moons.


1:1 Personalized Support

Work with Tamara 1:1 who specializes in:

  • meditation
  • womb yoga
  • emotional mastery
  • self awareness
  • boundaries
  • nurturing self inquiry

This is for you if you’re ready master your menstrual cycle, your emotions and up-level your self awareness.

Personalized support with issues that arise throughout your cycle including working with your emotions, self awareness, boundaries and specific meditations. Monthly 45 minute calls or tea dates.




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