Tamara Tiana


Tamara specializes in women’s wellness and spirituality. She is the founder of The Spiral Path which is a 3 month intensive course for women to awaken the voice of their womb and live in conscious relationship with their cyclical nature.

Want to find out more and join an authentic and exalted sisterhood? Check out The Spiral Path Community. We welcome you.

Hello sister, and welcome home. Welcome to the ground of who you are.

In my journey as a yogini, nothing has brought me closer to myself, my power and my calling than the Mother of All Spiritual Practices… Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

If you’re a woman on a spiritual path looking for deeper experiences, deeper fulfillment and a deeper connection with your own body and womb… look no further.

I help womb carriers connect with their womb space so they can live without the patriarchal conditioning of shame, denigration and neglect.